Fine Organic Dark Chocolate and Fine Organic Cocoa Powder

Our Organic Dark Chocolate comes in six varieties:

  • 60% Chocolate: sweet and rich with an intense and complex chocolate flavour
  • 71% Chocolate: strong bitter-sweet with extra fruity cocoa flavour notes
  • 82% Chocolate: Strong, dry cocoa flavour with very intense fruity notes
  • Nib-A-Licious: Crispy and delicious cocoa nibs (pieces of roasted cocoa beans) in our 60% chocolate
  • Salty-Licious: Our 71% chocolate with Caribbean Sea Salt! Sweet, salty and chocolaty.
  • 100% Chocolate: Pure cocoa flavour, savory and delicious, light acidic fruity notes, perfect for any chocolate recipe requiring unsweetened chocolate or to eat as a strong savory snack!

Available in UK

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Available in USA

Available in Canada

Our Nib-A-Licious bars just won the the Silver Medal at The London Academy of Chocolate

Our 82% bar won the 2011 Silver Medal fromThe London Academy of Chocolate Awards!

Our 71% bar won the Silver Medal from The London Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2008.

Organic Chocolate bars (3 oz/85 gr) Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, Organic raw cane sugar, fresh Organic cocoa butter (no added cocoa butter in our 82% and 100%), Organic soy lecithin (an emulsifier).

Organic Cocoa Powder

Pure Organic Cocoa Powder (6oz/170gr recloseable pouches):

Pure and delicious, perfect for hot-chocolate, chocolate ice-cream, baking, etc. Grenada’s cocoa is known for its extra rich flavour and strength. Our Organic* Cocoa Powder is uniquely rich and flavourful because of our small-scale relatively low-pressure cocoa butter press and, of course, because of the special taste of our cocoa beans!

*Certified Organic according to the USDA-NOP final rule by CERES (Certifier of Environmental Standards) GmbH/Certfied according to regulation EEC 2092/91 by CERES GmbH

All our bars are suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians Suitable for vegans, Kosher certified, Halal certified & Free from latex.

Everything we make is Free from

  • all animal products
  • peanuts and peanut derivatives Free from other nut and nut derivatives Free from nut derived oil
  • sesame seeds and derivatives
  • other seeds and derivatives
  • milk and derivatives
  • egg, egg derivative and albumen
  • wheat, rye, oats, barley and derivatives Free from soya and derivatives
  • maize and derivatives Free from lupin and derivatives
  • rice and derivatives Free from gluten
  • fruit and derivatives
  • yeast and derivatives
  • vegetables and derivatives
  • fish, crustaceans, molluscs and derivatives Free from additives
  • Azo and coal tar dyes
  • glutamates
  • benzoates
  • sulphites
  • aspartame
  • natural colours
  • artificial colours
  • preservatives
  • antioxidants
  • M.S.G. (added)
  • M.S.G. (naturally occurring)