The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd.

Hermitage, St. Patrick’s

Grenada, West Indies

Phone: 473-442-0050


  • All GCC bars are made in our own factory in Grenada, and we do not use any nuts, seeds, or dairy in any of our recipes. We just use a a little soya lecithin to make handling the chocolate a little easier in our tropical climate.
  • The factory is closed at the weekend and cannot normally take visits other than from accredited journalists etc.
  • Our factory outlet shop has excellent video of the chocolate making process (as well as excellent chocolates!), open weekdays and Sundays.Hours of Operation – 9:00 to 5:00 Please call in advance for tour.
  • The GCC factory outlet shop, which makes a range of hand made truffles and dipped fruits is open on weekdays and Sundays!

We look forward to seeing you!

Consumer Enquiries
Consumer Enquiries

Trade Enquiries

Owing to limited stocks of organic cocoa the GCC can only supply existing distributors in the EU, USA and Canada. You can contact them via the links indicated below: