BonBon Shop

Address: Upper Hermitage, Mount Rose, Grenada

Shop no: +1 473-442-6459

Factory no: +1 473-442-0050/+1 473-442-0055

The brand new Bonbon shop next to the factory

The small Grenada Chocolate Company, founded in 1999, initially produced its now-famous chocolate bars in a small house-turned-factory in the village of Hermitage. Now the chocolate bars and a variety of chocolate bonbons are produced and sold in the brand new Bonbon shop next to the factory – you have to keep going up the hill, past Belmont Estate (where the shop used to be), past the police station and then hard left – see google map below.

The fruits in the photos are:

Cashew, cocoa pods, guava, bergamot, mango, soursop