WSJ: “the next-level buy among cocoa cognoscenti is origin-made chocolate”

“In short, where the cocoa beans grow matters. And, increasingly, where the chocolate is made is gaining equal billing on the labels of some of the best bars. Most commercially available chocolate contains a blend of bulk, or commodity, cocoa from any number of unnamed places. Chocolate labeled “single-origin” contains co- coa sourced from only one […]

Grenada Chocolate featured on BBC Radio 4 PM news programme

BBC Saturday PM had a great feature about Grenada and it being the leading light in cocoa and chocolate – hope you can listen to it – appearances from Darin, Edmond and others. The piece by Nick Davies starts captured here goes on for about 5 minutes. Its really good – please try to listen. […]


BBC World Service – From Our Own Correspondent, Israeli Settlements and Grenadian Chocolate

Our thanks to Lucy Daltroff who talked abut the Grenada Chocolate and Mott Green on the World Service and UK\’s Radio 4. and sent us this link:   Half a world away, Lucy Daltroff is on the island of Grenada, drinking in the sights, smells and tastes of a cacao plantation. The Belmont Estate has […]

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Classic Grenada Chocolate Radio Ads

Thanks to a sharp eyed reader, it was pointed out that there were a few broken links on our Media page. We had these all along but they somehow got lost during the transfer from Mott’s original site, so for old times sake and to celebrate their re-discovery, we present the recovered audio files here: […]

End of Grenada Chocolate Festival 2015

The festival, now in its second year, has been hugely successful. All the events were very well attended and several hundred people took part during the 10-day long events.  This year the festival received outstanding media coverage from the UK, particularly through social media, as well as regional and local media. The festival welcomed farmers, […]

Grenada and the Goats

A trailer for a documentary that will explore the food security and health crisis faced in Grenada and the wider world cause by industrialization and import dependence by following a small dairy co-operative in our region which is bucking the imported food trend and striving to make sustainability a reality. 


BBC Radio 5 live – Up All Night, 28/03/2015

MP3:(faster loading) M4a (higher quality): Dotun speaks to Chantal Coady, Marc Demarquette & Magdalena Fielding, founder of the Grenada Chocolate festival. via BBC Radio 5 live – Up All Night, 28/03/2015.


Why the Grenada Chocolate Company is the pride of the Caribbean – Telegraph

The Grenada Chocolate Company is just a house, painted in bold Caribbean colours, over the road from the prime minister’s modest residence. The only difference from the other wooden houses in the street are the solar panels among the palms in the front garden, and a huge home-made solar dryer where Green is experimenting with […]