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The final stage of our chocolate-making process is the solidification of the finished and tempered liquid chocolate into our chocolate bars and SweetyPodsTM.

                                 our depositor/vibration table

                                depositor/tempering kettle attached to vibration table

We use a DEPOSITOR of our own design that we built into our Tempering Kettle. Our Depositor allows us to set the volume of chocolate delivered each time it is activated so that we can efficiently make our bars consistent in size. The filled molds are placed on our VIBRATION TABLE, which shakes the chocolate for a few seconds allowing it to evenly fill the mold cavity and release air bubbles.  Then the molds are placed on our cooling racks to solidify. After about twenty minutes the molds are turned upside down to release the finished solid chocolate bars which are then wrapped by hand in our special packaging and put away to age.

It is very important to age chocolate for several weeks before selling because, as with most fermented foods, the flavors change drastically during this period. Chocolate takes on its full level of desired wonderful taste only after this aging period.


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