The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. was founded in 1999 with the idea of creating an Organic Cocoa Farmers' and Chocolate-Makers' Cooperative. We produce high quality Organic dark chocolate in Grenada with our world famous cocoa beans. Our factory is nestled in lush cocoa groves in Grenada's pristine rainforest.

Our award-winning organic dark chocolate has the wonderful complex flavor of Grenada's fine-flavored organic cocoa beans, processed carefully in small batches. Producing chocolate right where the cocoa grows allows us to do our own fermenting which gives us a real advantage in creating the finest, most complex taste from the beans.  We use our own extracted cocoa butter in our chocolate also from Grenada's fine-flavored cocoa. This brings in a luxurious extra richness and chocolaty flavor.  Our chocolate has a truly deep and rich flavor.

We now have over 200 acres of organic cocoa farms in our cooperative and operate our own cocoa fermentry, located one mile from our little factory. This assures that we perform every activity involved in the production of our chocolate, from the planting and growing of the cocoa trees to the fermenting of the fresh cocoa beans to the processing of our fine dark chocolate. We grow our cocoa totally naturally without the use of any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and have been Certified Organic.

Our sugar is a fine organic raw sugar produced and milled by an organic growers' cooperative in Brazil.

Whole organic vanilla beans grown biodynamically in Costa Rica provide our "dash" of vanilla.

Organic soy lecithin is used as emulsifier in extremely small amounts.

We are one of the only small-scale chocolate-makers producing fine chocolate where the cocoa grows.   Because small batch chocolate-making is very rare, we had to create our own processing methods, desigining our own machines and refurbishing antique equipment to meet the requirements of our unique situation. Most of our machines are based in design on those of the early 1900's, a time when quality had precedence over quantity in chocolate-making. Because we care about our environment, we use solar-electric energy to power our machines.

The original impetus and principle of our cooperative company is to revolutionize the cocoa-chocolate system that typically keeps cocoa production separate from chocolate-making and therefore takes advantage of cocoa farmers.We believe that the cocoa farmers should benefit as much as the chocolate-makers. 

Academy of Chocolate Silver Award Winner 2011 We won the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2008, 2011 and 2013 Silver Medal in the Best Dark Chocolate Bar category! Check it out!

We are now pleased to annouce the opening of our new factory outlet called Bonbon Chocolates where we produce delicious chocolates right on-site. Located right on our largest Organic cocoa farm and cocoa fermentry, called Belmont Estate, Bonbon Chocolates feature a wide variety of chocolate bonbons, combining our chocolate with the many fruits, nuts and spices of Grenada. With all locally grown ingredients together with our locally grown and processed dark chocolate, our new line of Bonbons are purely delicious, natural and healthy. At Bonbon Chocolates, we are also pleased to offer the lowest price in Grenada for our chocolate bars.

For a tour of our cocoa fermentry and our new Bonbon Chocolate shop, visit us at Belmont Estate in St. Patrick

Meet our Chocolate-Making Team

Meet some of our Cocoa Farmer Team







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